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What To Do About Sextorsion



Frank M. Ahearn is a Sextorsion Expert who gets victims through what is probably one the most vulnerable and stressful times in their life. 

What to do about sextorsion.


The critical question is, how much does the blackmailer know about you?



You are not alone Frank directs you on how to get past the sextorsion, and protect from potential exposure. 

What Did You Tell Them?


Do they know your identity? What can they locate from your name?


Do they have your mobile number? What about family, friend's or employer?


Do they have your email address? What information does your email connect?


Did you share your social sites, and do they have your family's?


Do they know where you work?


 It's possible the sextortionist ran a database search and knows everything about you.

Law Enforcement

If you contact law enforcement, they will advise you to block the sextorsionist and do nothing more. For some, this might work; however, if your family and friends are known, they become the target. Blocking is not always the solution.

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

Cyber Security and Digital Forensics companies offer to trace or identify a blackmailer. Unfortunately, it will not stop the demand for money or threats of exposure. 

What To Do About Sextorsion


What resolves blackmail is knowledge; knowing what the blackmailer knows and identifying all points of potential contact. 


The ability to cut the sextortionist off from all points of contact; if they cannot make contact, they cannot blackmail.


Unfortunately, you cannot always change your spouse's mobile number or delete family and friends social media.

Digital Disinformation

Frank creates online digital disinformation for the blackmailer to find. If your information is exposed, it is contained within a fake social world created by Frank.


The first step is a consultation with Frank M. Ahearn.

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn has a long history of helping people with unique and extreme problems. He began his career as a social engineer, and skip tracer who hunted people in all parts of the world. Frank eventually found himself in the business of disappearing people and information, which led him to write The New York Times Bestseller How to Disappear.

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